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ADA Hand Shower Mounted on Slide Bar, Adjustable Handheld Shower with 28” Slide Bar, on/off Button


  • Made of high-quality components:• 28” metal slide bar of nickel-plated brass.
    • Two solid nickel-plated brass brackets for securely attaching the slide bar to the shower wall.  Screws included.
    • Nickel-plated brass supply elbow.
    • Nickel-plated brass vacuum breaker.
    • 60” stainless steel shower hose with PVC core is NSF approved.  Includes brass conical nut and hex.
    • Chrome-plated plastic hand shower unit – this lighter-weight wand is easy to hold and won’t crack tile if it slips.  The hand unit has a button to switch the shower from full-force water spray to a just a trickle.
    • Clear plastic soap dish with mounting bracket.

Perfect for any hospital/hotel/home.  Fully ADA compliant and can also be a wonderful luxury for all members of the family. Children will love taking a shower and adjusting the water to their level.  Adults can shower without wetting their hair.  Anyone who needs to sit while showering has easy access to the controls.  Plus, the on/off button on the hand unit conserves water and prevents care givers from getting soaked.

This handheld shower with slide bar has been installed in the most prestigious hotels in the USA.  The parts are durable and designed for a long life.  Thick O-ring washers are included to insure a tight connection between the different components in order to prevent leaking.

The shower slides up and down the bar by operating a lever with less than 5 pounds of pressure.  Advanced engineering prevents the lever from being over tightened.  The solid metal construction of the slide mechanism means the hand held shower sprayer will not slip down the bar when you want it securely held in place.


Our sliding hand-held showers are carried by top bath and shower manufacturers in the USA and have stood up to intensive usage in high-traffic hotels, hospitals and college dormitories.  Buy with confidence with our 1-year warranty against all defects in material and manufacturing.